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Deliverable No. Deliverable Name WP No.
D1.1 System Requirement and Architecture Document WP1
D1.2 VPN Security Solutions Document WP1
D2.1 Interim report on Energy Data Analytics WP2
D2.2 Final Report on Energy Data Analytics WP2
D3.1 Report on State of Art WP3
D3.2 Report on Smart Energy Routing Algorithms WP3
D4.1 Validation planning document WP4
D4.2 Report on results assessments and recommendations WP4
D5.1 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan WP5
D5.2 Summary of Dissemination Activities WP5
D5.3 End-of Project workshop WP5
D6.1 Project Management Reports: Interim and final Reports WP6
D6.2 Report on Project Meetings WP6